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4th Iranian Economy Overview Conference

In recent years, due to the rapid developments in the economy and the different approaches related to that, predicting the future of the economy in various fields be converted to one of the main concerns of the different segments of society, particularly decision-makers and businesspersons. Since, the survival of every organization depends on the growth or decline of a company, different business and also decision-makers, the ability of future forecasting and awareness of future development have be considered as one of the most important needs.<br>Therefore, Donya-e-Eqtesad Media Group holds the 4th Iranian Economy Overview Conference with a purpose of establishing proper environment for decision making and to encounter with existing challenges. <br>In this year''s conference thinkers, analysts and various economist will focus on the key trends and Leading Economic Indicators and present the following items:<br>•    Gold and currency<br>•    Housing and commercial real estate<br>•    Stock Exchange<br>•    Macroeconomic conditions in 1396<br>

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7th Iranian Steel Market Conference

<p dir="RTL">Although, in recent years, due to various government efforts for developing the steel industry, this industry has introduced as one of the most important strategic goals of each government and the plan of reaching to capacity of 55 million tons per year, without considering which is practical or not, can be indicative of the importance for each government. But in the current situation that steel price is at the lowest level in the past two decades, and on the other hand, only 70 percent of the world''''s capacity is under working and all surrounding countries have focused on steel development, whether the targeting of 55 million tons, is a kind of target which was based on market needs or ambitions of public managers?</p> <p dir="RTL">So, in this situation, the Seventh Iranian Steel Market Conference will pay attention to some main subjects as below;</p> <p>1. Competitiveness is based on cost price</p> <p>2. Export requirements and regional markets for local products</p> <p>3. Predict the price of steel products and raw materials in 1396</p> <p>It is hoped that in such circumstances, this conference can determine the way forward of the steel industry for the industry''''s major players, including decision-makers, producers, experts and market participants who are all among the conference participants.</p>

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6th Monetary Policy and Banking Conference

Establishment of proper monetary and banking policy is one of the more important strategies for growth and economic development in every country. This ideal cannot happen unless the policies examine in all different aspects properly and all the major stakeholders such as decision-makers, experts, economists and bankers, who are known as four main sides, play a key role in the formulation and development of these policies. In years past, Donya-e-Eqtesad Media Group has been trying to create suitable opportunities for analyzing the situation by making an appropriate way for the interaction of these four main sides. So, the Monetary Policy and Banking Conference has been forming with this purpose for 5 years.<br>In the sixth conference, Donya-e-Eqtesad has considered the following items:<br>•    Requirements and reformations of the banking system <br>•    Electronic banking and payment system<br>•    laws and regulations of International banking <br>

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The 4th Iranian Economy Overview Conference

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