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Iran Non-Ferrous Industries Market & Related Technologies Conference & Expo

Metals industry has always been known as a symbol of industrialization and development of each country, and among economic development programs, development of metals industry has been of a certain importance. Unfortunately, non-ferrous metals including Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Gold, etc., are less noticed than Steel although they can create a more competitive advantage.
In accordance with abundance of resources and potential markets in Mena & Iran in this field and also the impressive endeavor of our neighbor countries even in lack of having proper resources, it is mandatory to create a sustainable economic perspective in this industry and to assess available opportunities and threats.

The Overview of Production, Consumption & Exports of Non-Ferrous Metals & Alloys in 2025 Outlook
Competitive Advantage & Investing Strategies in Non-Ferrous Metals in Middle-East
Competitiveness of Non-Ferrous Metal Products in Domestic & International Markets
Value-Added from Raw Materials to Final Products
The Economic Role of New Technologies in Production & Recycling on Non-Ferrous Metals Industries