Fakoor Sanat Tehran Engineering Company (FST)

For the last three decades, as a fully private Iranian company, Fakoor Sanat Tehran Engineering Company (FST Co.) has been active in development and completion of the iron and steel value chain in Iran. It has contributed positively to both upstream and downstream sectors through targeted activities.

The company has transferred technical knowhow and localized modern world-class knowledge to the country, thereby playing an important role in achieving the national 2025 goal of 55 million tons of crude steel production per year.

From the starting year of 1992 till now, the company has consistently operated on the basis of: firm belief on development centered on continuous learning and research, employing modern management knowledge, and using the best available specialized tools.

As a result of this targeted activities, the company has acquired valuable experiences and respected reputations, and has consistently won the top position in the competition arena of its fields of industrial operation.

Steel and iron ore industries are given serious considerations in different countries as one of the fundamental industries of the economy and the infrastructure for many other industries. These industries are of great...

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February 22-24, 2021

Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran

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Despite the difficulties and complications in Iran situation in recent years, steel and mining industry has been improving in the field of production and export and Iran is ranked as one of the major steel producers...

IRIB Int'l Conference Center, Tehran, Iran 

January 21-22, 2020

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