Esfahan Steel Company

Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) is the first and the largest producer of constructional steel products and the sole steel producer with “Blast Furnace Method” in Iran. The current production capacity of this company amounts to 3.6 million tons per year.

Presently ESCO products with the highest quality level and in accordance with national & Int’l standards, are being produced and sold both in the domestic markets and being exported to more than 30 countries of the world. This company has also accomplished to achieve the “UK CARES” certificate enabling it to export its round bar product to European countries.

The exotic quality of this company’s products, its reliability feature as well as meeting the needs of its customers’ requirements & expectations, has rendered this company as a highly reliable brand in the region and to the whole world.

The products of this company include; various types of round bars, “I” & “H” beams, angle, channel, different types of coils and industrial round bars, mine arc as well as rail needed for high speed trains and subway trains.

In the recent years, this company has produced “H” beams in various types the “H300” size in particular and steel structures up to the width of “340mm”, the aim of which is to reduce the expenses for the procurement of steel structures and increasing its resistance.

Steel and iron ore industries are given serious considerations in different countries as one of the fundamental industries of the economy and the infrastructure for many other industries. These industries are of great...

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February 22-24, 2021

Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran

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Despite the difficulties and complications in Iran situation in recent years, steel and mining industry has been improving in the field of production and export and Iran is ranked as one of the major steel producers...

IRIB Int'l Conference Center, Tehran, Iran 

January 21-22, 2020

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