South Aluminum Corporation

In order to meet domestic market demand, developing non-oil exports and emphasizing the optimal use of the country's vast energy resources; South Aluminum Corporation (SALCO) with production capacity of 300,000 tons per year (144,000 tons of ingots; 70,000 tons of slabs and 86,000 tons of billets) has been constructed on a land of 200-hectares in the Lamerd Special Energy Economic Zone located in the south of Fars Province. The Complex started its First hot metal in November 2019 and reached its full Capacity in January 2022.


The four Main plant units of the Complex are: Energy Area, Reduction Area, Anode plant and Casting Area.

The Main raw materials of the Complex are: Alumina Powder, Calcined Petroleum Coke and Coal Tar Pitch.


Outstanding features of South Aluminum Corporation:


  • Existence of Anode Production Plant with a capacity of 164,000 tons per year to meet the requirements of the Reduction plant unit.
  • Using the latest technology in the production of Aluminum. (430 kA technology facilitates operation, reduces power consumption and increases the daily production of aluminum in Reduction Plant Unit)
  • Using the latest technology in collecting and filtering dust & fumes emitted in the production process, Employing of modern equipment to recycle industrial waste material and treatment of industrial and domestic waste water in water treatment plant.
  • Taking the advantage of dedicated Berth for unloading vessels equipped with 2 automatic ship unloaders as well as bulk material storage facilities with the capacity of 70,000 tons of Alumina; 20,000 tons of Calcined petroleum Coke and 6,000 tons of liquid Coal Tar pitch in Parsian Special Zone

The significance of different kinds of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, gold, etc. in the base and strategic industries is evident to everyone. However, it is worth mentioning that profitability in these fields...

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