Shahid Bahonar Copper Industries Company

Shahid Bahonar Copper Industries Co. was established in 1983 and launched in February 1988. This company plays an important role in the copper value chain.


The company produces a wide range of semi-finished copper & copper alloys products with 6 factories, including:

                                 • Foundry shop

                                 • Rolling Shop

                                 • Extrusion Shop

                                 • Cast and Roll Tube Shop

                                 • Conform Shop

                                 • Coin Blank Shop

CSP is the largest and the most modern manufacturer in this field in the Middle East.

The products of this company include: all kinds of tubes, wires, sheets & stripes, foils, different sections, Busbars, and coin blank (common coins of the country).

The significance of different kinds of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, gold, etc. in the base and strategic industries is evident to everyone. However, it is worth mentioning that profitability in these fields...

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